Love Police and Cutting Edge jams in Concert!
Cutting Edge played LA last night and I have never enjoyed a concert such as this. The band jammed out Love Police for almost 20 minutes and the crowd rocked. I have been promoting concerts for over 20 years and never, ever, had I seen a band take a hold of an audience like Cutting Edge. I will state this now, there is no indie band in the world that can get on the same stage as Cutting Edge. I repeat, there is no indie band in the world capable of being on the same stage with Cutting Edge. It is a shame that they hardly ever tour and only do limited concerts dates when they do.
– GuitarWorld, Steven

Which is my favorite, the original version of Love Police with the
dual lead vocals and the rock sound, or one of the two dance remixes
they did. All I know is radio played this song for a whole year and
I could not get enough of it. Saw the band in concert and I was
surprised by the number of hit songs they have had. Great band with
a lot of imagination. Way to go Cutting Edge
– Chris, LA Weekly

The “Love Police” are after you by Cutting Edge
I cannot believe what I just heard. This song is a total lockdown and
I was and still am in total awe. Great lyrics and vocal work. Love the
unusual sound of the vocals, how many songs have duo lead vocals.
Blows me away. I might be one of the few people out there who has
seen this band live and if you get a chance you have to go see them.
They almost never tour, but when they do, they explode. Love Police
runs the table of being among one of the great rock songs, and the band
delivered in concert with the original rock version and then breaking
into the dance side. I have never seen or heard anything like it before.
DJ Hawk, Los Angeles

Cutting Edge, Come to Europe
Can Cutting Edge come and tour Europe? Fantastic Group.
I have them on my radio show and Internet show and they are
getting a lot of phone requests. Amazing sound. Hey, thought I mention,
I loved the “Love Police”, any copies left? I’ll put it into the mix.
Cutting Edge has millions of fans in Europe, come on over guys. Amazing Group.
– DJ Madmanmax

Crowd went NUTS,
Spun 3 times in 3 hours> The Big Cop Mix really made the people
party and by the 2nd spin, they were singing the chorus. I caught
Cutting Edge in concert in Los Angeles and they ripped up the place.
They did the original version of Love Police and during the main
chorus and jam, they broke into the re-mix and the crowd went nuts.
They jammed the baby for 15 minutes, steel drums, and all.
I have never seen a show like this. Also got off on Judas Of DC,
Way to go Cutting Edge –
DJ Craig, Los Angeles, CA.

Love It!
“LOVE POLICE” is a smash…we love this song by Cutting Edge!”
–KSXY DJ LOU-E Santa Rosa, CA

Cutting Edge plays Love Police
I’ve spun the best and I’ve seen the best in concert, but Cutting Edge is the total bomb.
This band is going to explode. They blew the roof off at the
concert with Its Time, Abuse of Power, Judas of DC and of course,
Love Police. I have never seen or heard anything like it.
Since I was spinning Cutting Edge, they invited me back stage at the concert.
I could not believe it when the 2 bands following Cutting Edge refused
to take the stage. The following night, Cutting Edge was headlining the concert.
HEY DJs, if you’re spinning Cutting Edge, let them know,
they take good care of us at their shows. I had 2 backstage passes and dinner.
There mustve been 20 DJs backstage.
Great Band-
DJ Booker, Los Angeles, CA.

Celebrity News! review of our song “Love Police” (LIVE)
“Love Police” (LIVE) by Cutting Edge
Category: Music
Review of Cutting Edge’s song, “Love Police” (LIVE)

It has been almost 20 years since I have heard a ‘KICK ASS’ party track like “Love Police” by the band, Cutting Edge. From the moment the band kicks in, the audience is pumped, and the party has begun. You can hear the interaction between the band and the audience and the song keeps you wanting to go out and find the party. The thing that sets Cutting Edge from other bands though is not only was the original version of the song a top twenty hit single, but the dance remixes also charted, in the same year. “Love Police” was charting inside the 20 at radio for over a year and no other band has every accomplished this. Even the theme song from the Titanic failed to do this, but this track launches into orbit as when you think the original version of the song is coming to the end, the band breaks into its dance remix with Ricky Ric and the party continues from there. The Cutting Edge live track of “Love Police” is something everyone should give a listen to. But the whole live album is a smash, as another writer here is doing a review of the opening track “It’s Time”, and he says, “It’s thumbs up all the way”.

All of you out there, better catch this band live and don’t be fooled, there is another band out there calling themselves Cutting Edge, make sure you catch the right one. It’s “Love Police” all the way, baby”.
DJ Aspire
Celebrity News

Great, Slammin and a total great listener!
_ John L. Acosta, WIIT 88.9FM Chicago

I can now see the bumping and grinding on the dance floors across America, in the bedrooms around the world and of course, in the back seats of cars. China Too. This song gets the groove on for you. Bump and grind, bump and grind. Oh, I can’t wait to hit the dance floors. Chicago clubbing in on for me, watch out for Cutting Edge, cause the make me bump and grind, bump and grind……..alll night long. Let your body talk!
DJ Carlos Lumn, Chicago

Hey, Bump it to the Max. Great texture and rich sound. Beeeaauutiful!!!!
Parko Parkinson – QBN FM 96.7

Hey Guys
I like grovin’ up my show with jams by your band, Cutting Edge…Trippin’ through the mixes is fun and keeps me jaxey! Instant Party! You can send me the whole cd….and yeah that full picture too. I’ll play it…n’post it too! Hot Grooves!
– Mitchell Mendys, WKNH

energetic song by Cutting Edge (Body Talk)
Energetic and positive dance music that say’s get of your ass and have some fun. The track is delivered with great punch and has a uplifting mood. Vocals are very well done and the lyrics really compliment what the song is about Production and programming is good and I liked the live feel to this track. I really don’t know who you sound like so maybe thats a good thing, it’s certainly a interesting fusion. The track is the sort of thing that would sound good on the airwaves, but for me and my taste it,s just still that little bit gay. Just the same nice effort keep it up.
– djmagoobyron from Australia on 2Jun2006

Body Talk by Cutting Edge is HAPPENING!
Wow. This one get straight into it! This is one really happening party track. The horns are awesome! This has a male/female bounce back and forth similar to the venga boys. The female vocals are definitely stronger than the male vocals though. The keyboard slap bass sound is a bit on the dated side though. I like the concept and the melody. I just think that with better production and better male vocals it would have commercial viability.
– presinator from Sydney, Nsw, Australia on 3Jun2006

Very good sequencing, a very nice mix. It sounds really good and the fx works like a charm. Nice vocals. Cheesy lyrics, very 90´s but ok they are funny. This song would be a hit. A perfect song for a movie:) It would work in the clubs too.
– Skandahl from Skene, Mark, Sweden on 11Jul2006

Let’s boogie
*Dance-song pair review.* Bringing back that retro feel, this song is very well made. The combination of voices are mixed to complement each other, the music actually makes you want to move. Overall: If you’re into funky stuff, this is a great song.
– timewiz from Munich, Germany on 9Jun2006

GET ON DOWN TONIGHT with Cutting Edge and their song, “Body Talk” loll….i like this one….o ya! lol….it makes ya feel good…nice horns and everything! Im gonna move my body! anyways nice song! later
– KingProdEnt from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 27Jun2006

I wanta fanta now
I don’t dance, but Body Talk by Cutting Edge made me want to. I wish i had legs. But I am shaking my nubs. Let’s go to funkytown!
– wingsinside from Virginia Beach, Virginia on 17Jun2006

Got to move that a Body to this Retro Funk Gro..
Energetic start on this track. The musical elements all seem to fit well in this funk groove. The only instrument that is “weak” is the synth echo that doesn’t have the punch of the rest of this full mix track. Overdrive on the song will be totally complete. The arrangement has several interesting aspects through out that keep the listener engaged. A well produced and evenly balanced track. Very nice job!
– Digital_Motion from D-Fw Metroplex, Texas on 25Jun2006